bathroom waterproofer

Analysis and contamination of SAM

The waterproofing technique can use the new system of revolutionary works called sealing solutions which are known as  (SAM) to the waterproof shower area and as well as the bathroom.  An easy method is a self-adhesive system and as well as waterproofing techniques that are secure with a warranty of ten years. Mostly for the surface sealing the materials like cement screeds, ceramics which is existing which is known as (tile), dry screeds, and pieces of wood plasterboard. As we were already known that for sealing solutions the system of revolutionary sealing is used based on the technology of elastic foam. This article is about the bathroom waterproofer .  The self-adhesive method of sealing the membrane can be directly glued on the surface of the wall and as well as the surfaces of the floor without the usage of additional material like liquid sealing. The coated fleece with a film of an antibacterial is applied in the top side, which also offers the base surface of an ideal work for each type of glue used for tile.

bathroom waterproofer


Installation on time-saving method that is able to save two hours that is no drying time is provided. Timing saving is an important advantage in which life moves on, so according to time skills, this skill is a very useful method.

Tilable the surface immediately

The chemical is used according to the types of buildings and which makes a suitable one.

After applying that any of the chemicals for the use of the waterproofing method there is no necessity to apply another liquid on the applicable one.

It Will be very fast and also the will be processing an indirect way.

The warranty for watertight is 100 percent as if the watertight is not possible on the floor it is full of waste to apply the waterproofing material to the floor which will not be a stable one.

The cracking is mostly prevented because of the elasticity of a material which is high.

You can also able to use the adhesive force which is highly equal to the value of (twenty tonnes/m squared).

Area measuring and its preparation

The (SAM) which is also known as the sealing solutions it is available in the sets of various ways, which is only depending on the area or size of your accompanied rooms for waterproofing structure. If you have measured the area of your room, you can able to decide the solution can be applied in your place of shower and as well as the place of a bathroom can be decided. There are the types of wall paintings that are L-wall and as well as U- wall for waterproofing the walls and as well as the showering floors. Primary water sets are used for furnishing the whole bathroom.

Seal sets (23 m squared tillable)

Seal set (17, 5 m squared tillable)

Seal set (19 m squared tillable)

U wall (9, 75 m squared tillable)

L wall (7,5 m squared tillable)  these are the properties of measuring the area for its easy and modification of correct mixture of a liquid.