Owner builder course online

Building your dream house is not a dream anymore!

There are times when many of us like to design or built our dream house all by ourselves. But due to inexperience and no approval, many people don’t dare to think about it. But the situation has changed. Many registered organizations provide Owner builder course online for those who dream to build their own house. To be an owner builder a person must successfully complete the online course and clear an assignment to get a certificate from the organisation and using that certificate he can enroll as an owner builder and get a permit to undertake all or part of the domestic building work except the areas like plumbing, electric wiring etc, which require certain licensed or registered tradespeople to work on. A building permit gives the owner all authority to carry out the set work in his site.An owner-builder must ensure that his work complies with the Act, Regulations and his building permit at all the times.

What knowledge should an owner builder have?

Owner builder course online

An owner-builder must have fair knowledgeregarding areaslisted below.

  • Basic knowledge about building plans, so as to make a plan or understand a building plan.
  • Knowledge about obtaining building permits.
  • All idea on when and at what stages of workan inspection has to be done andhow to get certification of buildingwork.
  • Knowledge of how and when to engage a registered domestic builder
  • Complete knowledge about all safety or protection work to be done, how to ensure site and worker safety at the time of work.
  • Must know how to deal with defective and incomplete work.
  • Fair knowledge on liabilities, including insurance coverage, the risks associated with being uninsured or underinsured
  • And must be able to take complete responsibility and resolve any disputes arising further.

Advantages of being an owner-builder

Being an owner builder for your dream house gives you great satisfaction. Youcan monitor the construction work at every step and ensure that quality work is done. As you witness the construction process at every step, you will not have any worries about the quality issues and you will be sure that every penny you spent on your dream project was completely utilized.Hence, enrol into the course and enjoy the credential of making your own home- dream home!

You can choose the quality of the material to be used for construction. You can monitor the workmanship and make sure that they do quality work. You can avoid wastage or misuse of material and therebysaving a lot of money.

But being an owner builder is not an easy job, as you are supposed to take all responsibility for building your own house on yourself. You may feel it be very challenging and complicated as you have to do multi-tasking all the time.  Along with monitoring the work and workmanship, you should also be capable of handling all significant legal and financial risks and responsibilities.

Always remember that owner builder license gives a person the authority to build or renovate his own residential property and he will not be permitted to do any commercial or industrial building constructions in his site.