fluoride varnish

Fluoride Varnish: The Key to Your Child’s Dental Health

Tooth decay is the most common problem in today’s children. Most of the parents continuously ponder over the dental hygiene of their children from a very early age, sometimes even before the appearance of the first tooth. Often doctors recommend a fluoride varnish treatment for the children, to prevent the decay of the teeth.

The fluoride varnish treatment can be availed for about two to three times a year. However, the number of procedures is entirely dependent on the cavities of children have or a likely to develop. For young children, rather than a dentist, a pediatrician will suffice. This step is taken keeping in mind that the young children have better access to the pediatricians, and they are trained to provide fluoride varnish treatments to the children. However, it is not a compulsion, and if the children are comfortable, the dentists can provide seeking the services of the dentist, then the procedure as well.

Fluoride Varnish: What is it?

fluoride varnish

Fluoride varnish constitutes of fluoride, which is a mineral used explicitly for strengthening the enamel of the tooth. It is imperative to know and understand that the fluoride varnish is not the complete solution, to maintain healthy teeth and gums your children must regularly brush their teeth with toothpaste approved by the dentist having a certain amount of fluoride in it. The children must also floss daily and maintain regular dental hygiene; additionally, a healthy diet is recommended too.

How safe is Fluoride Varnish?

Fluoride varnish is free from harm and adopted by doctors and dentists throughout the globe to aid in preventing dental cavity in children. Just a minute quantity is applied, and seldom any fluoride is ingested. The varnish instantly hardens after the simple application procedure. It is then removed after four to twelve hours.

The children mostly like the taste of the fluoride. However, after the application of the fluoride varnish, the color of your child’s teeth is most likely to change. With certain brands, the color of the teeth turns yellow or dulls down for a specific time.

How is Fluoride Varnish applied on the Teeth?

A small brush is used to paint the fluoride varnish on the teeth. Ideally, the fluoride varnish is painted on the sides and top of every tooth. Your child can feel the hardened varnish, but it will not come off when the child licks it. After some time, your child will contact his/her regular teeth again.

The application of the varnish is a painless procedure. However, small children may find it irritable during the first application. The treatment only takes a couple of minutes to complete, and it is a blessing for the parents who see the activity cumbersome.

How to take care of the Children’s Teeth after Fluoride Varnish treatment?

Below are a few of the guidelines to be followed along with any special instructions given by the pediatrician or dentist:

  • There is no restriction or any particular diet to be followed after the fluoride varnish treatment. However, it is recommended that the children must be given only soft food or liquid diet for a day. The food must be cold or warm; it is better to avoid hot food.
  • Brushing and flossing are not permissible for at least four to six hours after the treatment. Doctors often recommend not to brush or floss until the next day. While rinsing the varnish, allow your child to spit rather than swallowing the liquid.