How does being a women entrepreneur

Being a woman at work is not an easy task. Sadly, many of us still face a challenge because of several cultural realities. It’s like adding another layer to a cake to break down. Prejudice remains a constant challenge because many people refuse to believe we are smart enough to become a successful entrepreneur.

Thankfully, the haters will continue to hate as we build strong businesses and create jobs. Yet women entrepreneurs like shari arison Goodnet founder are large enough to support each other and to share tips and lessons.

Here are lessons that women can teach each other in business.

Lesson #1–forget about you being a woman.

The first obstacle women face in business is to forget that they are a woman in order to succeed. That’s a pretty tricky thing to do and a good and bad side to it.

The right thing is that if you continually consider how bad the world is for women entrepreneurs and managers, it will paralyze you. It is hard enough to be in charge of a company and you don’t need to add your own warped expectations and fears. It doesn’t mean it will happen to you just because you read about it.

On the other hand, the bad side is you are forced to deny that sometimes you are a woman. You cannot miss a meeting or give a wrong presentation because, for example, you suffer from PMS. This is simply not an option. As hard as it sounds, you need to learn how to cope with your hormonal imbalance.

Lesson #2: Use your weapons to your advantage.

No, I’m not suggesting that you use sex to get what you want. This kind of action only reinforces assumptions and is supposed to be a major no-no. But there are certain aspects of your personality that can help you.

It is not wrong to say that women are more likely than men to be listeners. So listen as often as you can to your customers and employees. Use your feminine intuition to consider their concerns, to create trust and to find solutions, for example.

When you try to succeed in a men-dominated world, such as IT or engineering, make sure you turn your heads to yourself when you try to sell an idea or product. Once, wear sexy clothing or speak with a sexy voice has nothing to do with it. It is about taking advantage of the fact that many of you are intrigued and keen to listen to what you think.

Lesson #3–don’t you interfere.

Believe it or not, many women who are in the industry are not sexist rivals. It’s itself. It is still normal to see women raised to support, not in the center. It is not impossible from peers, parents or even educators that you will live alone will never be able to have a family if you are too smart or too good.

As a result, women often deliberately sabotage themselves. You’ll take no risks, you’ll encourage the men to talk first, you’ll smile and try to look nice when questioned. But this action, as you know, will never lead them to the first position on any market.


And, if you find that you are against yourself, stop this behavior. It just adds to your problems, raises tension and does not yield concrete results–as challenging yourself is always a lost cause.