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How to create a stunning website

Web design is basically the process of creating a web page with one’s choice of design elements like colour, image, layout, font, buttons, CSS, and more. In that sense, every single page of a website can be designed differently with different elements if you want. However, generally, all the webpages of a site follow a single design scheme to elaborate the one idea of that particular website. We are one of the top web design companies in Seattle, and this guide of creating a website is presented by us. Along with designing stunning sites, we are also a leading game app developer – have a look at our profile to know more. Today’s article is the fourth instalment of our web design tutorial, so let’s just dive into it.

Domain registration: privacy matters

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In our previous part, you were told to choose the extension as per choice. For me, I’m happy with the .com, so I’m just going to select that, and when we do, it might not be available for me to register as someone has taken it already. It happens as there are literally trillions of websites out there on the internet; hence it’s possible to come up with some name very often which has been registered already. So, if it says that it’s not available, then you’re going to need to choose something else – a different name or a various extension if you don’t want to change the name at all. Once you know your domains are available, underneath, we have the option to purchase further domain extensions as well with the same name. We could buy the .net or the .org as well along with the .com. But in this tutorial, I’m going with the .com alone as that’s only I need to show you the entire process. If you want any of the other domains, just check the box beside each of the ones you wish to purchase, and then you will see the box is automatically checked which is for domain privacy protection. This does cause $12.95 per year, and I usually just uncheck this box. It is up to yourself whether you want it or not but you can just have a read through this, and if you do want it – just keep the box checked, and then you’ll have the option to choose a hosting plan as per your requirement.

Here we just want to double-check our package type is correct before we proceed – I’ve selected the hatchling plan, so this is correct. And then we can choose our billing cycle here. It will automatically set for 36 months, but we can change this to be monthly, or maybe we want to pay for it every six months or every year but as this is just for the tutorial – I’m going to set mine to monthly. Under that we just need to choose a username and security pin for the site, and then it will come up with our general billing information, like our email address, our name, and postal address, etc. On the right-hand side, we can choose if we’d like to pay for our order by credit card or PayPal, choose whatever you prefer.