Impact of blocking of ads to advertisers:

Blocking of ads is the current trending version happening all around in this digitalized world. People love to accept this solution and decline this impact as well. People from the online business world to accept and reject this step. For example, people suffer a lot while they are browsing the internet for their research point of view, doing the online job from home point of view and especially for employees those who are working in their home environments etc. Apart of all these, people those who love to watch some videos, even those who keep on installing games are also facing this sudden track of ads display on their screens. But those who installed this AdBlock browser extension will intentionally block their ads. Some ads are mandatory on these days especially awareness ads. These ads will be played essentially and then only your corresponding video will be played.  In this scenario, your ad blocker browser extension will be automatically disabled.

Effect of ad blockers on advertisers:

This blocking of ads will badly affect advertisers those who canvass their branded products in the form of ads only. They even utilize this resource as their major objective too. But there is an alternative behind this is; this effect will not be enabled in all kinds of web browsers.


Some web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and all do not support some ad blockers versions. So, the impact is not very high compared to the expectation we think. Here the problem is not so higher and it is indirectly fixed too. For example, if you want a number of users to know about the company’s product, you can mail them with the help of link provided. You can also intimate them that these browsers are only supportive to open this add.

When you come in point of social media; these advertisers or marketers can make use of social media as their resource to display their ads. Let’s discuss clearly it;

An asset to advertisers is social media;

Consider the popular social media resources like Facebook, what’s an app, Twitter, Instagram etc. Majorly many people spend most of their leisure time on social media only. So, advertisers can make use of this opportunity. If the users are interested to watch the specific ad, then they can click on widely and watch it. Otherwise, they have an option of hiding the video, by clicking ‘hide video’ option. So that advertisers can benefit more by using this social media option. Practically it is happening in social networks today. The impact of blocking of ads will not be worked out in social media unless and until the ad is strictly prohibited by the government.


Hence one thing that each and every user keep it in mind that; developers have introduced these ad blockers only for the sake of safe browsing of web pages, videos and all. It is not designed for making the company to undergo loss. So, you can avail the opportunity of different options based upon your interest. It is not possible for you to block the ad which you are not interested to watch the video on your social media page. So, here you can use the option of hiding it. In this way, ad blockers are not showing its impact drastically on everyone. It benefits all the users and it is not affecting advertisers completely too.