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Only pharmacists with a real pharmacy can back a pharmacy on the Web. The pharmacist must have a degree and obtain the approval of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of his sector. The College of Pharmacists maintains an up-to-date list of pharmacies online. You can now order painpills online very easily without any complication at all.

For more visibility, a country logo will soon be awarded. Moreover, it is now forbidden for pharmacies to regroup, as desired by the site which has filed an appeal for discrimination before the Council of State.

The drugs sold on the Internet

Self-medication medicines for free access and those not subject to compulsory medical prescription and served in small packs of seven days. In total, more than 4,000 drugs are offered on authorized sites.

The Medicines Agency believes that they can be used without the intervention of a physician for the diagnosis, initiation or monitoring of treatment. On the other hand, drugs like Viagra, sold on prescription, are not available on the Internet. When they are offered, they are counterfeit products.

order painpills online

Who can buy drugs on the Internet?

Only people who are at least 16 years old can buy self-medication or non-prescription medicines online. Their identity is verified with the order because it is necessary to open a personal account by indicating his name and first name, his date of birth, his electronic address, as well as his state of health.No medication, can be issued if the questionnaire is incomplete. Each account lists the orders placed.

Is the purchase of medicines limited in quantity?

The regulation provides that the volume of the order is made within one month of treatment at the usual dosage. The maximum amount corresponds to acute treatment. Beyond, the order is blocked. Clearly, the order is limited to a box or a month of treatment, up to two months for a usual customer who provides explanations. Beyond that, you have to make an order.

The conditions of online sales of medicines

They come as close as possible to the advice in the pharmacy: professional secrecy, independence of the pharmacist who can refuse the delivery of a drug contrary to the health of the buyer, explanations on the dosage, the side effects. The site does not tolerate advertising or discussion forums.

As for the price, it is fixed at the discretion of the pharmacist and displayed in euros TTC clear, legible and unambiguous. A price that is too low should raise suspicions of counterfeiting. Delivery charges are shown separately on the order.

How is delivery organized?

It is under the responsibility of the pharmacist who organizes its routing to the home of the buyer. The invoice includes the name and address of the pharmacy dispensing the drugs. The patient can also take his order at the pharmacy. In this case, his pharmaceutical file can be updated as if the purchase had just taken place.

Beware of counterfeit drugs

Half of the falsified or counterfeit medicines are sold online, according to the World Health Organization. With the Internet, many businesses have developed on the Web. Pharmacies are no exception. Local people can now buy pharmacy online.