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Open-air led display maintenance measures

Open-air LED display with the usage of the purpose for the damage there are many, just like the requirement for waterproof, dust, heat, in opposition to erosion, adversarial to static, lightning insurance, little creatures, and normal preservation and restore.

Here are a few everyday preservation measures:

The unmarried module isn’t always fantastic: take a look at the electricity delivery of the module is first-rate, is basically to test the electricity deliver attachments at the module are free. Assuming the complete module appears shading disarray or conflicting shading but there may be a significant contribution, there may be the proper image for the signal transmission areas touch bad, reseat the road, or supplant the trial of the road.

On the off danger that the substitution of precise line truly has a comparable problem, if it is now no longer an excessive amount of trouble, see the PCB board interface whether or not there may be a problem in pipe and drape rental .

The different rectangular module isn’t always super or bizarre ceaselessly: take a look at the signal path of the principal unpredictable module of the road and electricity line touch is first-rate, for example, the module without LED mild, demonstrating no electricity input, if it is now no longer an excessive amount of trouble, take a look at the electricity to deliver part, just like the presence of shading (there may be disarray of the fantastic spot) that the module has no signal info,

If it is now no longer an excessive amount of trouble, take a look at whether or not the contribution of the number one unpredictable module is in near touch and maybe reseated on several occasions, for example, the problem can anyways be supplanted with the brand new line.

The unmarried mild isn’t always a fantastic problem discovery method: Use the multimeter to test whether or not the LED is harmed, assuming that the mild is broken, press the 5th issue to alternate the mild underneath.

The precise method for estimating the mild: the multimeter hit the resistor X1 record, pointer multimeter Black desk pen partner the fine shaft of the LED, Red desk pen to interface the negative, assuming that the LED mild, the planned mild is first-rate, with the occasion that the mild isn’t always super, the planned mild is lousy.

LED lousy factor support: After a solitary mild discovery identified as LED damage, as in step with the actual requirements, the unique usage of the accompanying preservation strategies.

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Positive support: With the about version of the screwdriver from the front might be constant cowl screws to cast off, cast off the veil, alternate the mild kindly alternate the mild as in step with the accompanying method, alternate the mild and colloid seal end, reestablish the primary cowl, restore the screws, If the colloid buildup at the LED surface, if it is now no longer an excessive amount of trouble, carefully cast-off colloid.

Back support: Use the evaluating version screwdriver to cast off the screws from the back, flip off the signal line, for health kindly do not flip off the electrical connector to stop incidental, carefully cast off the module from the sheet steel opening, pass to the rear of the case, and later on, preserve a solitary module as in step with the fine preservation approach to alternate the mild If it is now no longer an excessive amount of trouble, alternate the mild as indicated via way of means of the mild Change approach underneath or improve the other.