Role of Disc Jockey’s at Wedding Reception

A Disc Jockey is called as DJ in short form, and it is a person who plays existing recorded music for a live audience is called a disc jockey, and most of the DJ‘s performs at night clubs, music festivals and at wedding parties. The wedding DJ has a very important role in the wedding besides music; a DJ is responsible for conducting the schedule chart of the wedding and reception along with MC. DJ is the lifeblood of the party as DJ plays music according to the pace of the wedding reception, DJ’s use the audio equipment to play at least two sources of recorded music simultaneously mix them together to play the best music.

The DJ’s interact with the guests and bridegroom to entertain with the music and dance, and you can find best Dj through tandmentertainment.co/services/wedding-dj/detroit-mi-wedding-dj/ . The most professional experienced DJ handle the wedding party with different enthusiastic techniques to gain the attention of the guests. Wedding DJ’s also entertaining children’s by announcing special prizes for individual dancing and singing. Some of the DJ’s use the lightning technique especially during the night times of wedding reception as the colorful lights brings more celebration joy to the venue.


Types of Disc Jockey’s and Equipment used by DJ’s

There are five main, and different types of Disc Jockey’s namely Club DJ these types of DJ’s often hosts music and dances at parties of a nightclub. Mobile DJ is the heroes of the music industry these types of DJ’s mainly perform at the wedding parties, school parties, and other corporate parties. Music Producers are the musicians that make music out of different sounds, instruments and mix all together electronically making artist tracks to play the music. Radio DJ’s work at the radio stations as a host these types of DJ’s are the announcers who talk in-between songs. The Turntablist performs live remixes using the turntables and other equipment which are used to entertain during the parties and venues.

A comprehensive wedding DJ’s use standard quality of equipment’s such as speakers it is the first and foremost thing needed to produce musical sound. DJ’s use professional Speakers and speaker poles to hear rocking sounds. A headphone is the next necessity thing needed for the DJ’s for the purpose to set noise canceling. One of the most important things used by the DJ’s on wedding parties is the turntables and wireless microphones for the best extra sound system. Apart from these equipment’s the DJ’s use of other miscellaneous equipment’s like cables, extensions, lighting, etc…

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