richard mille rm001

The loveable watch collections of richard mille

In the world of watchmaking, brands such as Patek Philippe and Rolex are viewed as the kings of the mountain. Both are rich’s favourite and poor’s dream because economically they are high. But yet another independent swiss watch-making industry originated in 2001 and that is Richard Mille luxury watch company, which making futuristic watches in attractive designs and specifications. This watch industry was founded by Dominique Guenat and Richard Mille. Then richard mille rm001 presented behind the scenes of the base world in the year 2001. It is the watch behind the first step of the ladder for Richard Mille’s success. This watch was more popular than Richard Mille’s first successful watch. This was the basement for the next watch series like rm002 and rm003 and more. This model watch costs around $500000 to $ 800000 on average. Apart from the luxury watches some basic premium watches are available in the market for watch lovers and that cost low in price like $50 range. Richard Mille’s headquarters is in the Les rouleaux municipal in Switzerland.

richard mille rm001

Reasons why choose Richard Mille:

Watchmaking is the first reason that Richard Mille established his brand in 1999, the mission was to push to make high-end handmade watch companies with very limited technical innovations. Later 2 years they launched rm001, which hadn’t gold, diamond, or any precious stone. It became popular for its quality and look and it sold entire units of 80 immediately. In September 2018, the first-ever “horology forum” was held in London, when the watch industry’s state was examined. On that occasion the richest people asked their favourite watch was Richard Mille. Asked why they said the quality of the watch was awesome and it’s looking good. The prototype of rm056, which sold for $1.7 million at Christie’s in 2017, is the most complicated movement in a Richard Mille watch to date.RM008 was the first watch with paired a split-seconds chronograph mechanism. Richard Mille never sacrifices anything in the area of design, even from a distance, we can recognize this is Richard Mille’s watch.

The size and shape of the Richard Mille are always good. People are attracted by the automotive design of this watch. Forbes said that”acquiring a Richard Mille watch is equals to bug a sports care for the wrist”.Mille said that”He wants people who see him Richard Mille watches to go and say wow”.Annually 5000 Richard Mille watches are made, for this kind of young brands, this is high in production. But demand for this watch is constantly outstripping the production. The RM52 is the rare piece of watch that is number 1 of 6 examples made in white ceramic and 18k pink gold, this is especially for the Asian market. When we try bulky Richard Mille watches like RM50-3 McLaren F1 split-second tourbillion chronograph, the first thing we notice that weight. At just 40 grams, with its solid construction and featherweight feel. To produce a watch case, Richard Mille worked with the university of manchester and McLaren-Honda.Both research and expertise in the lightweight material. It is nicknamed “billionaire’s handshake”, Richard Mille watches occupy wrists with the most expensive circles. Felipe Massa, the former f1 racer, and Rafael Nadal the tennis player both are ambassadors of this brand. Mille developed RM006 tourbillion for Massa in 2004, it is a little weightier than a credit card.