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Although technology is a fundamental part of services and customer service, it could not work without proper human attention that makes use of such tools and that, with charisma and professionalism, establishes a good level of dialogue and relationship. Using Amazon laptops is essential there.

That is why, although it is necessary to update technologically, we must not fail to professionalize the care agents, providing resources, training, periodically reinforcing their mission within the organization and relating it to the global objectives of the company.

Let’s not forget that when planning any service we are talking about relationships between people and much more if it’s helpdesk. The key is to broaden the look, always, beyond the technological problems and capture what it really means, in personal terms, to solve the inconveniences. In other words, we recommend putting yourself in each other’s shoes. Today we share the most relevant tips, to start putting together a functional, focused and excellent care team.

Set values ​​and a mission

Although we have already said it, it does not lose its validity: any employee, but especially those who establish a direct link with the user, must understand what they are doing, why and for what. Share with your staff the reason why it is important to focus on what you are doing and also why you are doing it. The purpose is that you glimpse the impact of your work, feel part of larger goals and drive collective work towards the same goal. Establish values ​​and a credible, honest, clear and meaningful mission statement, transforming it into a substantial part of everyday operations.

The priority is the speed of attention

Do not leave the user waiting is a fairly obvious phrase, but it is not always carried out in many companies. Prevent a client from feeling ignored, unprotected, especially when he has a critical problem. If someone is not available at the moment, provide other options: leave a message, pass it to the FAQ section, and refer it to a self-consultation portal or an automated bot in cases of emergency. The options must be varied. Remember that the effectiveness of plan A may fail, so what is the alternative to avoid unnecessary delays?

Amazon laptops

Train your collaborators deeply

The recommended phrase to keep in mind is to place the best people in the best roles. Nothing is more harmful and frustrating than bumping into a collaborator who knows less than the user or has many skills but customer service is not his forte. As a company, it is important to consider what the needs are and therefore what are the standards required for each task. The training provided must be consistent with those needs.

Build a fast and efficient structure

Together with the appropriate, trained personnel, who know the user and treat him with kindness, it is necessary to design a convergent structure that allows the resolution of incidents quickly and efficiently. What is there to keep in mind?

Learn from feedback

Human relationships fluctuate, need change and everything is much more volatile in the technological world. The same happens with the level of satisfaction or loyalty. Therefore, it is crucial to take customer feedback and incorporate it into a process of continuous improvement. Without learning from mistakes, a level of excellence cannot be achieved. Nobody likes to hear negative comments, but they really are a great opportunity to change and improve.