Tips and tricks to keep your skin perfect and rejuvenate at any age


Is age and gravity on your face increasingly distinct? It would take a big change, but you don’t feel like a scalpel yet? Or do you feel that it’s too late for him? There is always a solution often even manageable during a lunch break. In case of the ร้อยไหม this is important now.

When your age starts with threesome

Self-plasma treatment is the ideal start. It improves skin quality and acts as an excellent prevention of skin aging. Another miracle of modern times is the body’s own hyaluronic acid that moisturizes, restores lost volume, youthfulness and contours of the face. They can also easily cope with circles under their eyes. In addition to pure plasma treatment, doctors also offer a special innovation at the clinic that combines two rejuvenating concepts into one for faster natural results autologous platelet-rich plasma combined with the body’s own hyaluronic acid. This intensive treatment provides the skin with hydration and regeneration with rejuvenation in one step, in a fast but natural way.


Replenishment of lost volume and rejuvenation of the body with its own hyaluronic acid, lifting of fading contours, reduction of wrinkles. When the skin is already sagging, the combination of hyaluronic acid and thread lift is the ideal choice. The invisible threads are absorbed leaving only a firm, rejuvenated face. Plus thread lifts are solved only by needles without the need for a scalpel and long recovery. A frequent desire is then to reduce wrinkles around the lips, which often reveal age, or highlight lips. People prefer a slight lip augmentation, but very natural, or rather lip hydration, if it is in older women.

Botox at any age

There are a lot of myths and tabloids around Botox. Botox around 30 years helps as an ideal prevention of wrinkles in the forehead and eyes area, if wrinkles are already older, prevents their further deepening. Botox is a very good helper in dermatology and may seem like a trivial intervention. But for the result to look natural, it must be applied by an experienced expert.



It is much easier to keep your skin in shape with the patient long-term care of dermatologists through non-invasive and mini-invasive procedures than to reconstruct what has been neglected for many years. If, however, performances after the age of forty and fifty are needed, eyelid surgery and various types of lifting, from the threads to the scalpel, are frequent. But even mere removal of falling eyelids can rejuvenate the face by up to 10 years.

Miraculous laser for everyone

Do you already know the most modern and strongest laser in our country? PRO laser is a unique patented technology and a novelty in our country. It is about 4D rejuvenation and lifting of the skin with a very strong lifting effect. For the first time, the facial skin is treated both on the outside and inside the mouth. Therefore, the lifting effect is clearly visible immediately after the treatment and is thus a great choice for those who are reluctant to use thread lifting, fillers or a scalpel, but require a more powerful effect. It can twist with unwanted pigmentations, scars or marks. Combination laser and hyaluronic acid, plasma or botulin toxin is currently the most effective rejuvenation technique.

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