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Greater Options for the Bread Slicer Choices Now

From time immemorial, loaf and salt have been a traditional part of meeting guests, which is why bread at any holiday takes pride of place and so that the bakery products harmoniously fit into the serving style, we offer you some ideas with a photo of how bread slicing on the holiday table can be arranged. Here you will find not only standard serving options, but also get acquainted with the original ways of decorating bread slices. The use of the Allesschneider Test comes important here.

How beautifully cut bread on the festive table

The main secret of beautiful sliced​bread is a properly selected knife. Ideally, this should be a cutter with a long and medium-wide serrated blade (2-3 cm). Thanks to a properly selected device, even the softest, crumbling loaf can be cut into even slices.

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Do not make slices of bread too thick, because there are usually a lot of refreshments on the table, and with large slices of bread, guests will quickly be satisfied and will not be able to taste all the dishes offered. These should be slices no more than 7 mm thick, which are best, placed in a basket lined with a cloth napkin. In the distribution network today you can find quite original devices for cutting bread, which allow you to make slices the same in thickness.

The ideal serving option is small pieces of bread in a curly cut, so that guests can take as much bread as they need, makes sandwiches with meat, cheese or fish, or use a small slice to help with eating, which also allows etiquette.

How to make sausage and cheese slices

From small slices of bread of different types, you can collect simple and at the same time quite tasty, contrasting baskets. Take, for example, a few triangular pieces of Borodino bread overlapped along the edge of the basket or on both sides, and a French baguette cut in circles at an angle, spread out in the shape of a fan or an ear. Also, a very original composition can be sliced ​​in half across the slices of brown bread, the same round baguette and pita envelopes.

Do not forget about the most popular option of slicing bread, which we are used to seeing in public catering establishments, namely narrow slices of rye or mixed wheat-rye bread cut into two parts along. It is not in vain that this form of slicing is considered the most popular, because in the process of eating it is a narrow slice that is easier to break, as prescribed by the rules of etiquette, and used to help in eating, fitting the rest of the dish onto a fork.

Beautiful serving of sliced ​​bread on the festive table

In place of the standard slicing of bread, original curly slices began to come more often, which can be cut from toast slices using curly cookie cutters. From light and dark types of bread, you can even make slices with a pattern. In a small form cut out stars or other patterns in white and dark bread.

After that, we insert the dark figures into the holes of the white slice, accordingly, the light patterns into the dark slice.