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Rugs and its types

People buy rugs for making carpets and other materials for using in residential and commercial buildings. There are many types of rugs available in the market and the price depends on the type of materials used to make the rugs. In order to buy and to decorate with rugs, the customer has to think about budget, style, and placement. Along with these, other factors are also considered like length of thread, cleaning, durability, and many others. Here are the types of rugs, which people can buy as per their requirement and budget. Cheap rugs shall be bought online or from shops in the market.

Wool Rugs

Wool is a natural fiber and the rugs are weaved, tufted, knotted and loomed by hands. This is the traditional way as now machine loomed wool are being used to make the rugs. The machine ones are not true wool as synthetic fibers are also being used to make the rugs.

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The rugs made by true wool are very expensive as a lot of work is done in designing and making the rugs. The quality of the rugs made by true wool is excellent. The durability is such that the rugs can be used by many generations.

Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are either made from pure silk or silk blend. Both of them give a shining look to the rugs, which cannot be given by other fibers. The rugs made by silk are very soft and people like to touch the fine and soft silk rugs. The rugs are very7 delicate and can be easily damaged so they should be used in such places where traffic is very low.

Cotton Rugs

The rugs made by cotton are inexpensive as cotton is an inexpensive fiber and people who want to buy low budget rugs can purchase cotton rugs. The main disadvantage of this fiber is that it is unable to repel stains and gets dirty easily. They also fade very easily and so are not durable. These rugs are good for those places, which do not get stained easily, and the traffic is low.

Jute and Bamboo Rugs

Jute and bamboo are natural materials and the rugs made from them provide a good look to the room. It is so because these rugs come with varying designs and textures, which can enhance the look of the room. The price of the rugs is also low so budget friendly people can buy it to decorate their rooms. These rugs can also be placed under expensive rugs to increase their durability.

Leather, Hide, and Sheepskin Rugs

Leather is woven in the form of strips while the sheepskin and hides are full animal hides, which are good to decorate those rooms that are awkward in look. These rugs are easy to clean and can be placed in those areas in the house where traffic is high. The main disadvantage of these rugs is that they are easily damaged at edges but it can be easily fixed.

Wrapping up

These are some of the rugs, which people can use to decorate the rooms. Some of them are expensive on comparison to other s while some of them are durable. They can be used for various places in the house.