How to Have the Perfect Vacation in Cabo

The Extremes and the Bests of Los Cabos

The most frequent flights from Europe appear in Cancun, Mexico City, or in Monterrey, from where they can then take a correspondence to Los Cabos. You can also fly to US California, from where you can board a bus to Mexican Los Cabos. However, the 20 border crossings are almost always occupied by various machines. In Los Cabos you can travel at a very low cost, discovering the natural wonders and culture of this area of ​​Mexico. You can start discovering Los Cabos from one of its major cities, San Jose del Cabo. Here you can admire the typical Mexican architecture and the many churches placed around. Mexico is one of the most Catholic countries in the world. For exploring the best of the place, visit How to Have the Perfect Vacation in Cabo .

In addition, large cities in Los Cabos are advised to see Cabo San Lucas. This urban center is also the excursion center of the whole area. From here various excursions into the Mexican wilderness and along the coasts of Los Cabos start. Even the city itself has many tourist attractions that need to be discovered with a Mexican tourist guide. Not far from Cabo San Lucas is the Cabo Pulmo. It is at most a very lonely place, where you can observe the beautiful nearby beaches or set up your own tents to spend the night. From Cabo Pulmo, then, you can move to the town of La Paz. This is the Los Cabos entertainment center: the city is always very lively, dynamic, and youthful.

Self-drive in Los Cabos: Mexico between ocean and desert

Take the car and leave, discovering the unforgettable landscapes of Los Cabos, for a self-drive tour with your friends or as a couple, among cacti, dream beaches, and luxury resorts.

Land of contrasts, from the arid desert landscapes to the mountains, all the way to the ocean, with its luxury coastal resorts: Los Cabos in Mexico is a paradise for self-drive lovers and large spaces to explore in total freedom. Ideal for a vacation for two or with a group of friends.

Los Cabos Sur, the most glamorous region, where the arid and cactus-dotted landscape alternates with small fishing villages with vaguely hippy houses and cities with luxury hotels and mind-boggling beaches, is a favorite with Hollywood stars. it is certainly the most tourist-oriented area.

When to go How to Have the Perfect Vacation in Cabo

The climate is warm and sunny all year round, with some variations depending on the area. In the north, the climate is similar to the Mediterranean, while as it descends towards Los Cabos Sur, the climate becomes tropical. In general, the best time for a vacation in Los Cabos is in our intermediate seasons , spring and autumn.

Summer is to be avoided because temperatures reach peaks of 45 degrees and violent, sudden downpours can break out. Attention because from November to April it is in high season: the prices of the structures rise, and the places of interest are invaded by the crowds of American tourists.

The beaches of Los Cabos

Los Cabos is famous for its wonderful beaches, where scenes of famous films have been shot. In fact, it is above all the coastal stretches of incredible beauty that attract tourists from all over the world, also because it is possible to practice any kind of maritime sport from fishing to surfing, to sailing excursions .

The Bay of Santa Maria, for example, is listed as one of the best places for snorkeling, while Playa Costa Azul in San José del Cabo is particularly popular with surfers. Playa San Pedro, or Playa de Las Palmas in Todos Santos, is a long stretch of sand overlooking a lagoon and protected by rocky headlands. Its palm trees and its relaxed atmosphere make it perfect for relaxing and sunbathing.