How to choose your music for videos

Some films have such powerful and striking soundtracks that they end up as important as the movie itself, the editing or the setting, and end up forever marking a character or production scene. Have you ever wondered what the best songs for videos are?


You who went to the movies in 2015 to watch the new Star Wars certainly missed hearing the imperial march accompanying the iconic Darth Vader. Or if you’re not a fan of the saga, you surely remember the famous shower scene theme in Hitchcock’s suspenseful Psycho, or the music that accompanies the dreaded sea villain in the movie Shark. And who does not shiver when listening to the macabre track that marks the movie The Exorcist, or is excited to hear the theme of The Pink Panther? At the same time you need to visit Www.acousticpanelsdirect.com for the best effects.

Choose music for videos darth vader imperial march

Music has the power to activate brain regions linked to concentration and emotions, and even if you don’t realize it, it guides you through the action scenes, makes you emotional about romantic conflict and tears you in dramatic moments. Try watching a movie or video that really thrilled you with the music turned off. You certainly will not have the same feeling and will not be thrilled in the same way. This is a fact.

Therefore, when producing your content, it is important to choose a good soundtrack and sound effects according to the sensations you wish to arouse in the audience and to make sure that your video has good audio quality.

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Choosing your music correctly for videos is easier than you might think. But if you are unfamiliar with this kind of tweaking and are still unsure which song to choose for your productions, or how to insert them into the videos, here are some tips.

Define what you want to get through with your videos.

First, it’s important to think about what you want your audience to feel when watching your video. Do you want her to be attentive, to relax, to feel upbeat, melancholic? Once that is set, you can now start sorting out your music for videos in the best way.

Choose sad, slower songs marked with classic instruments such as piano and violin for when you want to create a sad mood or reach your viewers emotionally. Choose lively, fast-paced music for when you want people to get excited or listen to your message.

What will help you a lot in this stage of music selection will be your references of other productions?

Have you noticed, for example, that all overcoming or success-story videos use songs with a growing melody, so that the peak of the song occurs at the very peak of the story or at its most exciting moment? If not, just remember one of the best known themes of victory in the world. Notice how the song starts shy and then grows to a high point. Like the song below. Isn’t it exciting?