Proxy of voting rights exercise in the resolution

In the supervisory board, there is another member of appointment in the act of unable by the chairman of the supervisory board the general meeting can be taken. They regulate the general meeting. They regulate in the general meeting of the chairman to conduct the proceeding and determine their order in which the number to be discussed in the manner of voting. The recording is allowed in the general meeting of the chairman and there is a format in the audio and video of the general meeting to be part of the full electronically or through other media. There are some transmitted in the public form of unrestricted access. it may find another way


There is an authorized in the general meeting by the chairman in the restriction of imposing reasonable in the available of the time to the shareholders in the meeting address and at the starting of the meeting, there is some question to be asked in the general meeting by the chairman. The general meeting of the chair is guided by the need to make sure of the conclusion in the general meeting. There are some shares in the ordinary in one voting of the general meeting. The stockholders have no right to voting.

annual financial statement

There is some chosen stock in the mandatory provision under the rights of voting in the law. They chose every vote to choose to be carried. There are no shares in their name of voting so nobody may exercise in the general meeting not to belong them. In voting rights of anybody can share theirs belong in the written proxy to be issued in the general holders. There some legal representatives in the shareholders. The next general meeting can apply in the proxy. There are some instructions to be obtained. They represent the shareholder in the professional capacity. In the exercise of voting rights.

There are some shareholders to be obtained in the rights voting. The name of the proxy may contain the residence place in the share of their number and votes to be represented in the shareholders they adopt the general meeting in the resolution of the simple majority of the voting cast. The general meeting of the resolution is to be required by law in adopted in the major consisting of the three-quarters of the capital shares in the adopted of the resolution, majority of the company to be shared in the represented resolution to be needed.

There is a capital measure to be increase and decrease in the article of association. There are prescribes in the law of the amounting in the headquarters of three in the resolution of capital is adopted. The calendar within the first three months in the economic year. There are some management of the board to be prepared and the auditors the state in the annual financial statement and the respects in the annual report of the auditors. The board management shall be the board of the supervisory board in the proposal in the net earning available in their distribution. They distributed in the available of the net earning available in the distribution. Unless general meeting resolves manner of appropriation some other.